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Chakra Essence helps to align your energies for your highest good. In this blend there is seven different essentials oils, one for each main Chakra. This synergy is a power house with the healing frequencies of crystals and essential oils. The base of the sprays is natural spring water from the Keweenaw. Spray generously around you and on you to feel the benefits of the Chakra balancing effects of this beautiful product. Each Chakra Essence spray is supercharged with chakra balancing frequencies. 4 fl oz bottle or 15 ml roller bottle $16

Sacred Space spray is a powerhouse blend of mystical plants, from around the World, working together to instantly clear negative energy, raise vibration to the highest good and to bring calm, purification and protection. This spray is great at centering yourself before meditation or yoga, uplifting and clears and banishes negative or stagnant energy. Great for the home or work place and helps you to feel calm and relaxed 4 fl oz spray bottle $16

Angelic Realm spray is a mystical blend of essential oils to help make your connection with the Angles stronger and clearer. It brings the Celestial Realm closer into your energy field and makes it easier to communicate with and the divine and Angelic realm. This blend has Amethyst to bring healing and insight and Rose Quartz to enhance love and understanding. 4 fl oz spray bottle or 15 ml roller bottle $16


Enchanted Forest spray and pulse point roll on is a magical blend of Essential Oils that are found in the forests! Made from a natural spring that runs in the Keweenaw blended with oils and gem stones. This blend brings the spirits of the forest into your real 4 fl oz spray bottle or 15 ml roller bottle $16

Bug Off spray is a natural blend of Essential Oils, Keweenaw natural spring water, witch hazel and crystals to keep the bugs away. Safe for most people and dogs (not for cats). Spray generously on people but sparingly on dogs. Avoid eyes, nose and mouth. 4 ounce spray bottle 4 fl oz $16

Dirty Hippie is very similar to Bug Off except that it does not have witch hazel as an ingredient but it does have a hint of patchouli in this blend 4 fl oz $16

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