Traditional Usui Reiki Level One, Level Two and Level Three Master/Teacher Attunements are available.  Class size is limited.  Nonrefundable deposit to hold your space for this class. Please contact Penny for more information.



In this class we will discuss the various properties of crystals and how to use them for yourself and others for energy work and personal growth. This workshop will introduce you to several crystals and the healing properties associated with them. Some of the topics that will also be covered is care and clearing your crystals, how to use and work with crystals, balancing the seven main chakras with crystals and crystal healing techniques. 

The beauty of crystal energy is a subtle way to help bring balance and relaxation to whoever uses them. They are a natural and safe way to help enhance your well-being.

This workshop will be held at in Calumet at a later date. There will be several crystals available for purchase.

TIME & DATE:  To be announced.